ARC Connect

Assisted Networking

One of the things we most like about the work we do is helping people meet the people and ideas they should meet. Many of us (including most of the folks on ARC's leadership) didn't know there was a word (theopoetics) or a group (us) that really captured what we were passionate about. It is great to feel like people really get you.

One of the things we do if you donate to ARC is invite you to become a Member of The Association for Theopoetics. Then, if you'd like, someone from our team will be in touch to find out more about you, your interests, and which organizations, resources, and people you should know. We make those introductions happen for our members.

Consulting and Collaboration

ARC invites you to partnership in three ways:

1. If you represent a school in higher education we are available for course design and teaching for January and Summer term courses, workshops, and/or seminars. Using the diverse network of ARC's team we provide cost-effective, pedagogically innovative programming offered by visiting or affiliate faculty. Our network includes scholars who work at the intersection of theopoetics with liberation, practical, constructive, and process theologies, community organizing, film and faith, religious education, trauma studies, continental philosophy, and interfaith engagement. Our courses can be slotted into traditional intensive-style classroom courses, but we encourage schools to consider some of the more hands-on style formats we've developed based on low-residency MFA programs and professional training done by stackable credentialing. These courses can stir interest in an institution, engaging existing and potential students to inspire work in the world. 

2. If you are represent an organization that offers educational programming outside of colleges and universities, we can work with you to assess, develop, and facilitate local trainings using the practices and teachings of theopoetics to help communities embody and express their convictions and beliefs. Events can be for designed with faith leaders, community educators, and/or students. We work in consultation with partners to customize each event.

3. If you have an idea for an event or some creative experiment that you think is resonant with our work, let us know! We occasionally will sign on as co-sponsors for events that we want to support and promote. Relatedly, if you represent an organization that hosts retreats or a community that would like ARC to consider offering something in your area, get in touch. We can't accommodate all requests, but we might be able to, and, even if we can't, we might know someone who can.


While it might be obvious, it is worth saying right out that we try to host and convene our events in a way built on the idea that the folks attending already have a great depth of wisdom and have witnessed a lot. One of the things that means is we are also attentive to making sure that participants get to know one another, get to discover each other's passions, and form relationships that can last beyond the event. We host stuff for academics, artists, activists, community leaders, people of faith, and people who are mix of most of those things. So, if you haven't yet been out to meet us at an ARC event, please see what we've got coming up and say hello.