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Connection, Learning, and Performance

A gathering for those whose interests live at — or near — the intersection of justice-seeking religious reflection with spirituality, imagination, the arts, and embodiment. The interplay of these areas with one another has come to be named as theopoetics, the focus of the event. Organized for theological scholars, religious practitioners, artists (of any sort and medium) and/or those who are all three, this conference will be a mix of academic discussions, facilitated dialogue, performance, and workshops focused on developing practices that can be taken back to share with our communities of support and accountability. Details about presentations, performances, panel discussions, and workshops is on the Conference Content page.



Oakland, CA

The Oakland Peace Center
111 Fairmount Ave., Oakland, CA 94611


March 22 -24, 2019


From 9am - 4pm on Friday March 22 there will be a separate “Deepening Circles” pre-conference training. Check-in for the conference itself begins at 4:30 and events begin at 5:30pm. The conference formally closes after dinner (which is included with registration) on Saturday. An optional Sunday morning debrief brunch is open to the whole community. The Conference Schedule page has additional details which will be more details as we get closer to the event and proposals are selected.


Art and Bodies Matter


There's an upswing in interest around the intersection of faith with imagination, the arts, and embodiment. We call that crossroads "theopoetics," and that is what this whole event is about. We hope to call together those for whom these topics are compelling, spur conversation, and encourage connections. This conference is a unique attempt to be a conference about theopoetics that is organized as theopoetics. A mix of voices, methods, and perspectives, each affirming the mutual influence that religious reflection, faith, imagination, the arts, and embodiment have upon one another. Participants have been clear that continuing events would be worthwhile and so here we are!


Lots of Folks (and You!)

Poets, preachers, rappers, professors and students of theology and religion, spoken word artists, clergy, musicians, visual artists, and perhaps you. Participants and presenters from social groups that have been historically marginalized in the academy and/or faith communities are particularly welcome. From ages 18 to 108 we want you there. To see who has currently registered see the Participants page.

How can I participate?





Like This

1. Until Jan 31 you can respond to the call for proposals for the Alves Award and for our Artist-in-Residence.

2. Come and be a part of it. Registration is open now for $100. Registration covers all conference events Friday evening through Saturday night, including Saturday morning breakfast and dinner.

Note: Housing is not part of registration fees. A number of folks are staying at The Washington Inn Hotel, though, so if you’re looking to find a place where there might be other conference goers, that might work. Alternatively, you could also get yourself an AirBnB in the area or connect with other folks registered who want to share a room to cut down on costs.

Any Scholarship?

  Yup. For the Conference Fees.

There are limited funds available for folks who want to attend but are not able to afford the $100. For more information contact


With Advance Notice


Send us a message with info about age(s) and when you'll be needing support and we'll work with you to make it happen. Let us know by Feb. 10, 2019. 

Is there a
Pre-Conference workshop?

Sure is!

On Friday March 21 you can spend a day reflecting on ways to bring a greater attention to embodiment and aesthetics in your work. We’re hosting ARC’s Deepening Circles training 9-5 and you can register for that separately.