This program is focused on those who are exploring a deepening call to serve in a way that brings together spiritual and creative practices. Creativity, imagination, and the arts have a vital role to play in our faith, and ARC is proud to build on the long list of ARC Fellows from the past by making a particular commitment to support rising leaders in this work.

Meet the 2019 Cohort here.

What is the ARCEL Fellowship?

The Emerging ARC Leaders Fellowship is a program designed to accomplish four things:

  1. Identify, annually, six rising young leaders whose sense of calling lives at the intersection of creative practice, spirituality, and work that builds up communities. These leaders will be drawn from gap-year young adults, undergraduates, graduate students, working artists, and early career clergy.

  2. Provide these leaders with exposure to tools, models, and relationships that can help them to thrive in their individual contexts and communities where they may feel disconnected and relatively unsupported in terms of their work to braid together creative and spiritual practices.

  3. Encourage these leaders as they wrestle with their sense of call, introducing them to each other and to networks of other leaders who are at the edge of innovation and discovery about the ways in which the arts and religion can be twinned to produce transformative opportunities for reflection and change.

  4. Make Space for the fellows to reflect and discern how their own unique skills can best be used to promote the flourishing of all creation.

Note: This is less of a training program and more of an opportunity for reflection, re-orientation, and consideration of what leadership might look like for you in your work. While Fellows will almost certainly pick up some skills and develop new ways of discussing their work, inspiration, and service, this Fellowship is more about helping you to clarify, sharpen, and reinforce your own sense of personal trajectory. Individuals looking a more systematic training program in the arts and social justice are encouraged to look at the work of The Sanctuaries, a DC-based organization that ARC supports and endorses.

OK, but what does it look like?

The Fellowship is a six-month program that consists of:

  1. A pre-retreat online orientation Zoom call in mid-March 2019;

  2. a 2 ½ day retreat followed by attendance in ARC’s Theopoetics Conference (2pm Wednesday March 20 -  2pm Sunday March 24), where participants will have the opportunity to network with presenters and attendees;

  3. a series of prompts for reflection meant to support participants in their process of discovery and discernment of call: participants will respond to each prompt (in varying media), sharing their work with their the ARCEL Coordinator, the group, and invited Connectors;

  4. twice-monthly meeting via video conference as a group (every two weeks on Mondays 7-9pm Eastern Time / 4-6pm Pacific Time) where responses to prompts are shared;

  5. access to coaches and mentors to support reflection and the development of skills;

  6. monthly mentoring via video conference (to be arranged by flexible schedule with ARC Young Adult Coordinator);

  7. connection to the network of ARC affiliates whose work is similarly situated at the intersection of the spiritual and creative practices oriented toward supporting a more just world;

  8. a culminating capstone retreat and event (2pm Friday August 16, 2019 -  4pm August 18, 2019) where participants will have the opportunity to lead workshops, offer performances, exhibits and/or make presentations based on their own work.