The ARC Emerging Leaders Fellowship


More Information (Including Application Details) December 18

We are excited to announce the beginning of ARCEL: The ARC Emerging Leaders Fellowship. This program is focused on young people who are feeling a call to serve in a way that brings together spiritual and creative practices. Creativity, imagination, and the arts have a vital role to play in our faith, and ARC is making a particular commitment to support young adults in this work through ARCEL. ARC is committed to supporting a vision less formed by traditionalism and more in line with an approach that honors tradition while it adapts and develops into what is needed for the current moment. The ARCEL Fellowship is about sustainability; it is about exploring how to build organic communities that can continue to grow, and where community members can support and guide one another over the course of meaningful and long-lasting relationships. ARCEL will not just be an opportunity to create a deep relationship among participants, but will also explore areas for deepening relationship building among participants, ARC’s Network, and Fellowship coaches.