The Podcast


The show is all about exploring life and faith through the lenses of creativity, the arts, and embodiment. Our show highlights important voices coming from the crossroads where faith, art, and scholarship meet. The show highlights the stories and hopes of people who lift up the importance of the arts and bodies in order to best empower local communities to serve and transform culture. 

The goal of the Theopoetics Podcast is to inspire listeners to embrace an emphasis on creativity, the arts, and embodiment in order to work for collective transformation, liberation, and renewal in our time. We hope that by hosting these significant conversations, we will encourage others to move beyond an either/or world into one that is more inclusive and accepting of the mystery and beauty of life and faith. We want to support people who are trying to cultivate a deeper sense of contemplation and compassion that is so needed in our world.

We hope that you'll tune-in for host T.D. Burnette's bi-monthly interviews with folks that are a mix of artists, academics, performers, people of faith, religious leaders, and those who are some combination of the above. Listen today and join in on the expansive conversation around theopoetics!