ARC Events

Trainings and Retreats

Several times a year we offer Deepening Circles, a training designed for community and institutional leaders, educators, healers, or those searching for creative practices of communal discernment and transformation within themselves, institutions, and their communities. We partner with local venues and retreat centers to bring this work to various areas in North America and cap enrollment at 30 people for each retreat. This event is based in embodied and creative practices that help people connect to their own spirituality and leadership through creative practice. It is available in 1 or 3 day versions.

The Conference

Every spring we host the 1.5 day long Theopoetics Conference. This is a low-cost event that moves around the country based on interest shown from communities. It brings together 50 or so folks that are a mix of academics, performers, people of faith, religious leaders, and those who are some combination of the above. We gather as folks who agree that intelligent reflection on religion doesn't have to be academic to be intelligent, coming together for a day of learning, performance, and connection.

The Working Group

Every fall we host a working group meeting at the American Academy of Religion. This is a free, open event that moves around the country depending on where it is that AAR is being held that year. It is a meeting largely intended for academics of theology and religion who are interested in theopoetics as a topic and method. However, all are welcome and the facilitation of the event is structured so that there is much more room for conversation and dialogue than is usually present at most AAR events. We generally gather for 2 hours, with half the time being devoted to presentations and half to discussion and dialogue.