Deepening Circles: ARC Retreats

Making Transformation with Embodiment and Story


This workshop is for community leaders, educators, healers, artists, clergy, and anyone searching for creative practices of discernment and transformation within themselves, institutions, and their communities. In our time together we will explore what faithful work can look like when partnered with creativity and centered in body and story. We are looking to unearth the stories held in our bodies to discover how we might lead and serve our communities and institutions in life-giving work.

Our bodies carry the stories of our lives and experiences, which may be hidden, archived or ignored. The tools and practices provided in this training help you become aware of more that exists within, while learning to embrace love for your body, your story, your community, and for others in creative and imaginative new ways.

Participants will walk away from the day with:

  • multiple opportunities to create, make, and play as we explore what religious and spiritual life looks like that honors and rejoices in the body
  • ways that your work —whatever it is — can reflect your faith commitments
  • a framework for reflecting on the ways in which our bodies are centered at every level of change we want to make:  personal, relational, organizational, and societal
  • practices you can use in your own context(s) to discern and strategize how you can be heading toward more life-giving work

This workshop is designed to adapt to one, two, or three day events and is facilitated by two or three of our trainers depending on availability and event length. Contact us to set up a training for your organization or to co-host one with us in your region. See next available event below.

Deepening Circles: Oakland (1 Day)
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