Deepening Circles: ARC Retreats

Re-Imagining How we Relate to each Other and God


Our bodies carry the stories of our lives and experiences, which may be hidden, archived or ignored. The formation practices and frameworks provided over the course of two and a half days of this retreat help you become aware of more that exists within, while learning to embrace love for your body, your story, your community and for others.

The retreat is designed for community and institutional leaders, educators, 
healers, or those searching for creative practices of communal discernment and transformation within themselves, institutions, and their communities. We will unearth the stories held in our bodies to discover how we might heal and lead our communities and institutions in life-giving work.  You will walk alongside expert facilitators, who have years of experience, working to invite people into a more embodied and creative understanding of how it is that the divine can be at work encouraging a justice in which all can thrive.

Over the course of two and half days, you will leave with: 

  1. A framework for understanding the intersection of those practices and experiences that take away life and those that cultivate life;
  2. An experience of gathering with others who view bodies and the arts as powerful and legitimate means of reflecting on faith and justice;
  3. Ways to consider the theological and religious imagination in light of the body;
  4. Communal practices you can apply in your own context to discern and strategize your life-giving work based on your emerging story.