Workshop Proposals


The conference committee is seeking workshops that are interactive and advance community. They should be designed with the audience, end-user, practitioner, and/or artist in mind. The workshop will offer opportunities to work with and through one or more of the ways religion, theology, or spirituality can be enlivened by the exploration of creativity, imagination, embodiment, and/or the arts. Participants should leave the workshop with one or more readily identifiable new skills. Workshops should be designed to last a total of 1.5 hours, with no more than 45 minutes of that time spent on didactic lecture. These workshops should be participatory and interactive. Participants should walk away with concrete skills that they can practice at places other than the conference.

Successful proposals will be emails with three separate files attached:

  1. A response to two questions, each answered in no more than 100 words. (a) What is your experience facilitating workshops? (b) What about this conference is of interest to you?

  2. One-page description (500 words or less) outlining what the workshop title and content will be. Make sure to describe (a) What skill(s) and knowledge participants will engage during the workshop, (b) How you'll use the 90 minutes allotted to the workshop slots, and (C) How many people would be optimal for the workshop. If you will be working with a co-presenter, please note who that person is.

  3. Current CV(s), resume(s), or link to portfolios including contact information.

  4. All materials should be submitted to by 11:59PM on Sunday January 13, 2019. Use the email subject "Conference Proposal: Workshops"