Reed Fowler


Reed Fowler is a first year Master’s of Divinity candidate at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. They are queer and trans, an artist, mentally ill, and a deep believer in the cross and grace. Reed brings a jack-of-all-trades background, with work in retail, LGBTQ activism, theater, and textile art. They are drawn to the story of the crucifixion – a violent act of transgression and resurrection. For their thesis performance, a collective created a durational performance exploring a loom that stands analogous to the cross. A queered crucifixion. It was a creation of space as sanctuary, trying to fill an aching void for ritual that had awakened in their gut. It was a centering of liminal space – holding the in-between, not the end points, as the focus, as well as self-care, and a non-hierarchical, horizontal creation process. This loom has made appearances in a later performance project and a community weave project. The theology of weaving and creative practices is salient and fascinating. Fowler’s faith education has been patched together. It comes from instinct, artistic projects, and interpersonal and interfaith conversations. Reed is interrogating the intersections of ritual, healing, and artistic practice as an embodiment of their call to the visceral elements of bread and wine and ashes and water.