PechaKucha Proposals


Q) First off, what is a PechaKucha?
A) This.

Q) Any examples of ones that are good?
A) Sure thing. Here are a whole bunch to review.

Q) Are you really going to keep us to only 20 slides and 20 seconds each?
A) Yup.

Q) So I only get 6 minutes and 40 seconds?
A) Yup. In front of the whole gathering. 6 people will be selected.

Q) What would make good content for this?
A) Things you are passionate about. Maybe an organization or project that you are part of that resonates with some part of the theopoetic emphasis on the intersections of spirituality, imagination, aesthetics, embodiment, and the arts. Perhaps a particular point or argument that you think needs to have a bunch of concentrated attention paid to it. Perhaps an important story that you think enacts some idea well. Maybe you'll write a spoken word piece that lasts 6:40 and get a photographer to take pictures that complement your words. Perhaps something you will think of doing something that has never been thought of before...

Q) So how do I make a proposal?
A) Successful proposals will be emails with two separate files attached:

  1. A response to three questions, each answered in no more than 100 words. (a) What would you use the PechaKucha for? What content, story, point, etc? If you will be working with a co-presenter, please note who that person is. (b) What about this conference is of interest to you? (c) Have you ever done a PechaKucha before (no need to say yes here, we're mostly just interested)?

  2. Current CV, resume, or portfolio link of the participant(s), including contact information.

All materials should be submitted to by 11:59PM on Sunday January 13, 2019. Use the Subject "Conference Proposal: PechaKucha"