Max Yeshaye


Max Yeshaye (They/Them or He/Him) is a performing artist, playwright, and poet in the Twin Cities and the co-founder of the House of Larva Drag Co-Operative. As drag ogress Çicada L'Amour, Max has performed with House of Larva at Patrick's Cabaret, Pangea World Theatre, 20% Theatre, Beloit Independent Theatre Experience and at both Wheaton College, MA and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. House of Larva not only performs but offers a workshop: "Genderbending Starts at the Skin," which frames drag as the performance of gendered movement and the physicalization of memory rather than primarily make-up/costume/visual illusion.

Originally from Providence, RI, Max moved to Wisconsin in 2012 and Minnesota in 2016. He loves living in the Midwest! Max is an Ashkenazi Jew and attended a Jewish day school growing up. He's also thoroughly influenced by Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and Hermeticism.

Currently, Max is finishing his MA in Theology and the Arts at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. His research (and artistic) interests include myth and mythopoeia; comparative literature; liberation theologies; masculinity studies; drag; reception theory; Hebrew Bible; memory, trauma, and the body; and queer community making through performing arts. Max is currently working on a play that's Robespierre's piety and theology during amidst the Terror; a series of poetic monologues-in-drag called "I Sing for Bathsheba" adapted from Biblical narratives; and a master's thesis on mythopoetic praxis in queer liberation theology.