Lakisha Lockhart


Lakisha Lockhart is a gregarious and playful scholar activist. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Boston College in Theology and Education researching play as a cultural signification for women of color, which can provide a space for agency and authenticity for these women both in the pulpit and the academy. She is Assistant Professor of Practical Theology & Director of STREAM Youth Theology Institute at The Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. She not only believes in the power of play and embodiment in theology, but she actively advocates for the importance of the body as a locus of doing theology. She believes that “doing theology from and through the body allows us to see the other as they are, not as we want them to be. Play and embodiment provide hope for theological education.”

This southern lady received her B.A from Claflin University, M.Div. from Wesley Theological Seminary, M.A. in Ethics & Society from Vanderbilt University and has been a Zumba instructor since 2012.