A Poetics of Going Naked - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 18

In this episode, Teresa and Tim discuss Teresa’s journey of inner transformation and healing through the image of the Camino and her new book, Going Naked. They talk about her understanding of liberation through the process of letting go, her practical wisdom around the spiritual dimensions of healing trauma, and the way in which ancestry and intersectionality play a role in the homecoming of one’s personal identity.

A Poetics of Wholeness - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 17

In this episode, Anna and Tim discuss her creative work and its connection with activism as a form of engaged spirituality. They talk about Anna’s peace building work in Palestine, her care for words within the importance of storying and listening, and how art and the sacred intersect to create pathways of healing and restoration.

A Poetics of the Larval - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 16

In this episode, Anuj and Tim discuss the ecological impact of the cinematic medium. They talk about scope as a lens for filmmaking, creating conversational settings to reflect upon cinema and the environment, and we dialogue about some of his projects and how they invite a process-relational perspective through a kind of storytelling that grapples with the toxic legacy of human exceptionalism.

A Poetics of the Unruly Body - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 15

In this episode, KJ and Tim discuss the body as a location for disrupting Christian hegemony through the practice of dance. They talk about the role that unruliness has played in liberating KJ’s own experience of their body, a queer phenomenology of the body of Christ, and the role that sacramentalism and embodiment have played in their expressive choreography.

A Poetics of Millennial Theology - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 14

In this episode, Ash and Tim discuss what formed her passion for faith and justice and her work in faith-based organizing in the South. They talk about LGBTQ activism in faith spaces, her experience of and working out what she calls “millennial theology,” and how she sees the theopoetic idea of divine inquisitiveness as a practice, art, and tool for shifting culture.

A Poetics of Translation - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 13

In this episode, Bo and Tim discuss Bo’s recent public exit from evangelicalism and how he is adapting church for the 21st century. They talk about how critical theory has widened and transformed his own theological perspective, what this new approach means for those who are in spiritual migration, and how this constructive posture is translating new possibilities for communal religious life today.

A Poetics of Wonder - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 12

In this episode, José and Tim discuss a phenomenology of wonder and its relationship to generosity. They talk about how this wild form of wonder opens us to the world, the self, and God, its connection with a life of liturgy and liberation, and how attuning to the ground and practice of generosity can make us radically available to the experiences of wonder and joy.

A Poetics of Making America Great Again - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 11

In this episode, David and Tim discuss how coming to know his own story through writing a book has grounded him in his work and led him to engage with the work of other scholars of color. We talk about how to stay grounded in the work of nonviolent peacemaking, the challenge of carrying grief and trauma into communal pastoral work, and since this episode was recorded in Decemeber, we also speak a bit about how the challenge of Christmas is holding both light and dark together.

A Poetics of Beings - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 10

In this episode, Jason and Tim discuss how Jason’s Buddhist and Sufi philosophical perspectives inform his work as a theosemiotician. They cover all kinds of ground, from the influence of theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli on contemporary cosmology, to the difference between Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, to what is most exciting to Jason about the field of theopoetics today in light of his integration of a process perspective.

A Poetics of Beauty and Justice - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 09

In this episode, Dr. Guerra and Tim discuss how she she approaches the theological task with the complexities of race, class, and gender in mind. They also dialogue about the liberative elements of storytelling as truthtelling, how her emphasis on theological aesthetics helps her connect beauty and justice through community-based art, and how her catholic and latinx heritage informs her work as a professor and theologian.

A Poetics of Awakening - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 06

In this episode, Micky and Tim discuss how to encourage continual awakening in communities whoa are taking action for justice. Our conversation reflects on the important work of Dr. King, the role of the table in bridging and creating connection, and how her perspective as an indigenous and womanist scholar informs her understanding of embodiment and her work of activism.


A Poetics of Re-Wilding - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 05

In this episode, Tevyn and Tim discuss the process of re-wilding the Christian spiritual heritage.  The conversation revolves around bridging worlds through creative experiments, as well as how Tevyn’s work as an artist and director has given her a unique platform to play with the themes of Ecological Justice and Sabbath Economics.

A Poetics of the Absurd - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 04

In this episode, Pete and Tim discuss progressive Christianity and Pyrotheology. Their conversation visits the notion of the absurd as it functions in Pyrotheology, the roles that parable, liturgy, and transformance art play in forming communities, and the ethics and evolution of his work over his career.

A Poetics of Survival - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 03

In this episode, Dr. Patrick B. Reyes and Tim discuss his theopoetic lens as an author and educator working to create opportunities for scholars of color to flourish. They also discuss his story of surviving to adulthood, and how using narrative to share the call to life can help liberate others from the obstacles of colonialism by encouraging a deep embrace of one's own story.

A Poetics of Precarity - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 02

In this episode, Dr. Robyn and Tim discuss everyday activism and how to resist the dominant forms of commodification in our society. The conversation revolves around how to find truth, beauty, and goodness in the instability of our times, what it means to live the questions of faith, and Robyn’s bridging work and the practices that sustain they’re efforts for collective liberation.

A Poetics of Theopoetics - Theopoetics Podcast Ep. 01

In this first episode, Kisha, Callid, and Tim discuss an introduction to the topic of theopoetics. The conversation ranges from history, to liberation theology and the various streams of theopoetics, to how to integrate aesthetics and embodiment into practical expressions of the faith in both community and academia.