Callid Keefe-Perry


Callid Keefe-Perry is the Executive Director of ARC. He is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and travels in the Ministry serving within and beyond that denomination. In addition to working for ARC he is an organizational consultant, retreat leader, and teacher of discernment deeply influenced by both Quakerism and Ignatian spirituality. He is the author of Way to Water: A Theopoetics Primer, has been a public school teacher, is a performer and coach of improv theatre, and was the co-founder of a community theater in Rochester, NY.

Academically, his work is at the intersection of public theology with creative practices and their connection to education and spiritual formation. Organizationally, he focuses on helping groups clarify their goals and make sure that their commitments to justice and equity become more than just aspirations and good intentions. He can be reached via email at or on Twitter through @CallidKP.