ARC Re-Launch Reception and Celebration
8:00 PM20:00

ARC Re-Launch Reception and Celebration

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In the middle of being at AAR, spend the evening with us in a place and space that is decidedly not AAR: Art exhibhitions, drinks, small plates (sweet and savory), and music. On us.

A reception celebrating the renewed life of ARC: Arts | Religion | Culture. Formed in 1962, the organization that became "The Society for Arts, Religion, and Contemporary Culture," is in the midst of an exciting period of growth and transformation. Come celebrate with us in a Denver art gallery as we make a major announcement.

Members of the Association for Theopoetics, former SARCC Fellows, and all those who have ever been at ARC, SARCC, or ATRE events are especially welcome.

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The AAR Theopoetics Working Group
12:00 PM12:00

The AAR Theopoetics Working Group



The Columbine Room (in the I.M. Pei Tower) at the Sheraton Downtown


This roundtable session explores liberating theology itself from its emphasis on property and the “ground” that theologians claim. More than criticism, this roundtable also explores the new avenues and approaches that emerge when embracing theology’s innate displacement from the world. The goal is to question the possibility of a radical, liberated, and improper theology.

The panel will move through a series of questions during its time in an active conversation among a diverse group of participants.

1: How can any theology prevent the reproduction of harmful economies? We are particularly interested in radical, theopoetic, liberation, and critical race theologies.

2: How can emphasizing it offer a self-negating perspective on the contemporary relation connecting debt, development, and liberation?

3: What new forms of immanent relations among humans (allies and accomplices) are opened by this theological venture? What prevents it from repeating past exploitations?

4: What kinds of communities become opened once theology divests itself of property?


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Deepening Circles (Atlanta 1-Day)
9:00 AM09:00

Deepening Circles (Atlanta 1-Day)

ARC is partnering with CenterForm in Atlanta to offer a 1 Day version of our Deepening Circles training for leaders and artists who want to find ways to emphasize embodiment and the importance of the arts in their work. Contact us for discounts information available for groups (2+) from the same organization and/or to find out about housing options if you're considering coming in from out of town. 

Deepening Circles: Oakland (1 Day)
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9:00 AM09:00

ARC-Sponsored AAR 2017 Event: Radical Theology / Radical Politics

Radical Theology / Radical Politics: Re-Thinking Relations to the Most Vulnerable
Hilton Boston Back Bay-Belvidere A (Second Level)

Jennifer Bailey, Faith Matters, Presiding

This session questions how institutionalized forms of religion, politics, and economics create categories of vulnerability. The precarious place of the vulnerable in our society has been threatened by the recent, visible emergence of right-wing propaganda and radicalization of religious rhetoric. Radical thinking may overcome the popularization of polarizations in the present. In response, we investigate the social imaginary by integrating the resources of radical theology and radical politics. Such radical thinking offsets the normalizing tendencies that preserve a status quo that marginalizes the vulnerable by offering a diagnostic that draws on the resources of radical thinking. This panel will engage conversationally around the following focal points elicited conversationally through questions and answers:

• Depicting the cause: Politics and Economics
• Defining the depth: Radical Theology and Radical Politics
• Demanding our Attention: Radical Theology and The People
• Delimiting the Possible: Theopoetics as Radical Response
• Determining the Value: Property as Test Case

Karen Bray, Wesleyan College
Daniel Boscaljon, University of Iowa
J. Kameron Carter, Duke University
Jon Gill, California State University, Long Beach
James Hill, Northwestern University
Katharine Lassiter, Mount St. Joseph University
Jordan Miller, Wheaton College, Norton, MA
Jeffrey W. Robbins, Lebanon Valley College
George Schmidt, US Navy

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7:30 PM19:30

ARC-Sponsored AAR 2017 Event: A Performance and Discussion of a Contemporary Musical Setting of New Translations of Rilke's Poems

You, Darkness From Which I Come
A Performance and Discussion of a Contemporary Musical Setting of New Translations of Rilke's Poems

Friday evening, November 17, 2017
7:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Old South Church, 645 Boylston Street, Mary Lyon Hall

The musical portion will be performed by Margot Rood, soprano, and Brady Millican on the piano. This event is free and open to the public and will be followed by a reception sponsored by Paraclete Press.

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