Ted Lyddon Hatten


Ted Lyddon Hatten is an artist whose work is best described as theopoetic and multidisciplinary.

As a visual artist, he does installation art, site-specific ephemeral art, dry painting - favoring materials that are satisfying to work with and add additional layers of meaning. This list includes, myrrh, liquefaction, coffee grounds, beeswax (encaustic), dry pigment, chairs, grain, gunpowder, glass, sand, salt, and wood.

Recurring themes include: beauty, brokenness, compassion, justice, loss, and belonging. Fields of inquiry are ornithology, neuroscience, visual perception, theology, natural science, and color theory.

Ted is currently the Director of the Wesley Foundation and adjunct professor at Drake University; his studio is located in Indianola, Iowa. He is married to a dancer/mathematician, and father to three amazing sons.