Sarah McCarty


sarah is an ancestral excavator and creative ecologist, listening to the interconnected systems at work in, around, and through us. having grown up in a family contracted with the US Military in the name of Christian youth ministry work, sarah spent her young life in movement and contemplation - between languages, cultures, schools, and communities. carrying on the work of many comrades before and beside her, she now investigates what community can look like across distance and difference; how roots can grow in soil, air, and water; how radical presence, vulnerability and joy can birth liberation. these questions often emerge at the intersection of racial and environmental justice work. she facilitates sensorial experiences, sculptural meditations, and communal gatherings that decenter authorship and cultivate imagination. her daily praxis centers personal and ecological healing as instruments for collective transformation - re-membering the etymology of “to heal” as to make whole. this process begins in microcosm: tending her own wounds, relationships, and ancestries offers first steps towards actualizing social change. she is building frameworks for being that decompose all that does not liberate the most marginalized, and instead uplift listening as sacred disposition - through our bodies, our environments, and each other.