Milene Monteiro


Milene Monteiro is the founder of Oleear. At the core of her practice is a conviction that individual stories are powerful, and when embodied, shared and supported by the strength of the collective, stories work as a tool for social transformation. In her consulting, teaching, and performance production practice, she focuses on understanding the performance strategies that marginalized communities employ to combat social, racial, political, and economic inequity. Native from Bahia, Brazil, she has worked as a communication consultant since 1994 in Brazil, Peru and England. Milene holds an MA in Communication Studies with specialization in Performance Studies, from San Jose State University, where she also teaches. Her passion for culture and arts led her to transition from the private sector to producing cultural projects and festivals in Brazil, London, and California. In her free time, Milene adapts her research on intercultural performance to creative work by writing comic books, play scripts, and producing documentary films. She continues to advance her knowledge of various therapeutic modalities such as expressive arts and drama therapy.