John Falcone

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I was raised by Italian working-class immigrants in the Bronx. I’ve worked in HIV/AIDS and other social services, and I helped found a Catholic high school where impoverished students worked white collar jobs to pay for their college prep educations. I’ve spent most of my time as a Freirean educator: teaching theology and education to high school students, undergrads, and grad students; working with parishioners and faculty. 

The point of my dissertation (Boston College, 2015) is that religious education is best understood as teaching people to improvise responsibly with their religious tradition. I worked out what that might mean using Scripture; Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed”; and Classical American Pragmatism. I’m particularly interested in Practical Theology and theological education that reaches across differences of denomination and faith. 

Also, I like Jesus, my husband, creatures with fuzzy heads, LOTR, and Sci-Fi (the order sometimes varies)