Dea Jenkins


As someone who operates within the spheres of creativity, healing, and the prophetic, my call is to gather diverse elements, and to organize them in such a way that new possibilities for healing and reconciliation emerge. I take immense pleasure in creatively weaving together varying elements of diverse qualities in order to create new expressions of beauty. My hope is that these expressions create experiences through which people encounter the felt presence of the Holy Spirit, but also the lasting fruit of reconciled relationships with God and other people.

When asked to further define my artistic practice, I share that I am a creative producer and an interdisciplinary artist. I cultivate opportunities for artists to create and to share work while also sharing my own art in these spaces. This two-fold practice allows me to share personal ideologies while simultaneously inviting diverse voices to the conversation at hand. The conversations I explore involve social injustices, and at this moment, I am engaging in the conversation on the value and beauty of dark bodies. More info at