Cindy Rivka Marshall


Cindy Rivka Marshall is a professional storyteller, workshop facilitator, consultant and story coach. Through her business “Story Arc: Reach, Teach and Change with Stories, she works with schools, congregations and organizations, bringing story-based approaches to learning, diversity awareness and community building. Her trainings for educators include story eliciting, story crafting, teaching through story, presentation
skills and team building. Cindy tells multicultural folktales and personal stories for all ages and occasions at venues across the US. Her audio recordings have won awards from Parent’s Choice, Storytelling World and National Parenting Publications. Cindy runs The Dancing Tree Story Workshop in Needham, Massachusetts where she offers workshops and story coaching.

She wants you to know that her art of oral storytelling does not start with writing, nor does she memorize her stories like an actor does. Every time she tells a story it comes out a little differently, because with storytelling, you, the listeners, are part of bringing that story to life.