Call for Proposals: Artist-in-Residence at Theopoetics Conference
(Proposal Deadline Jan. 31, 2019)

ARC is looking for an Oakland, CA or Bay Area-based artist or artist collaborative — medium and/or media are open — that would be interested in sharing/co-creating their work with those attending the event described below. Compelling proposals should entail community-engaged practice. In other words, this work should bring the gathered community into the creative process. It could be story-telling, could be digital, dance, or be environmental intervention — could be anything. Ownership of the work produced is retained by the artist(s), however ARC reserves the right to document and publish — via photography and/or videography — the work and attendee interaction with it.

The opportunity for setting up pieces (if needed) will be at The Oakland Peace Center beginning Friday morning March 22. Friday evening and the whole of the day on Saturday March 23 there should be some periodic opportunity for community engagement with the work. There are passing times in between scheduled events in which participants might engage en route and if needed there will be a time both Friday evening (5-10 minutes) and Saturday evening (15-30 minutes) for the artist(s) to address/engage the whole of the gathered conference attendees.

ARC's Theopoetics Conference is a gathering for those whose interests live at — or near — the intersection of justice-seeking religious reflection with spirituality, imagination, the arts, and embodiment. The interplay of these areas with one another has come to be named as “theopoetics,” the focus of the event. Organized for theological scholars, religious practitioners, artists (of any sort and medium) and/or those who are all three, this conference will be a mix of academic discussions, facilitated dialogue, performance, and workshops focused on developing practices that can be taken back to share with our communities of support and accountability.

The successful proposal does not need to explicitly reference a particular religious tradition — though it could. More important than any direct connection to a particular faith community is a proposal that explores territory that bears on faith — broadly understood. ARC affirms that there are rich areas of questioning that are powerfully engaged by both creative and spiritual practices: the role of language in human experience, the role of sexuality, the relationship between the individual and the community, the formation and dismantling of identity and/or power, the encounter with the Other and the role of the outsider… The list could be longer. A vital component of a compelling proposal would be the capacity of the candidate(s) to invite the gathered community into a creative process as part of the work.

Proposals are to be submitted here and must be in by midnight on January 31, 2019. The artist(s) whose proposal is selected will be notified by Feb. 15th. After contracting with ARC the artist(s) will receive $1,200 immediately and another $1,200 at the event. Cost of materials, travel, and transportion will be covered by the artist(s).

Those considering a proposal who would like to know more about what it is that ARC means by “theopoetics” can review our written resources, this podcast episode, or some of the offerings from last year’s conference.